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Ranging from ancient songs to experimentation, from free improvisation to writing for theater, dance and image, Sara has always sought a personal and feminine accordion dimension.

Based in Tuscany, she has made concerts and performances in over ten countries around the world and numerous collaborations with international artists - without distinction of genre, provenance and language - convinced that music is one of the most powerful tools for realization and meeting.

Her debut album Onironautiche (2017, Amadeus Arte) revolves around the exploration - also through the singing - of the aquatic and lunar side of an instrument mainly known for its virtuosic spectacles, but which holds its essence in breath and ancestral roots.

Graduated at the Conservatory Verdi in Milan, she studied piano, composition and singing with the accordion study.


"...Musician Sara Calvanelli enchants with her instruments, including the accordion, with European tunes that are as nostalgic as they are joyful..."


"...Sara Calvanelli's ravishing accordion and vocals especially  noteworthy..."


"...a program that is not strictly jazz, but not out of context and in any case well done, full of inventions- Calvanelli also experiments in the field of improvisation- and very pleasant. An interesting discovery..."


"...Sara Calvanelli and Virginia Sutera are one of the most authoritative voices on the European indie scene. Their music is rooted in abstraction and fueled by geometric imprints. Ejadira is a seductive petal and a deep love between intensity, silence, space and composition..."


"...The music is consistently melancholic, the two musicians are excellent performers of the instruments, and with Calvanelli's vocals in between, this becomes a lovely record..."


Orchestra Cherubini and Riccardo Muti, Giovanni Sollima (cellist and composer), Festival delle Lettere, Farneto Teatro, Club Tenco, School of Dramatic Art Paolo Grassi, Compagnia Finzi Pasca, Moni Ovadia (actor and musician), Marco Baliani (actor and playwright), Moira Albertalli (singer and acrobat), Francesco Leineri(pianist and composer), Katia Pesti (pianist and composer), Sandro Schneebeli (guitarist and composer), Oliver Kühn (director), Giancarlo Parisi (zampogna player and composer), Orchestra Popolare della Notte della Taranta, Floraleda Sacchi (harpist and producer), Virginia Sutera (violinist and composer), Eloisa Manera (composer and violinist), Elisabetta Vergani (actress and director), Maurizio Schmidt (director), Cristiano Arcelli (saxophonist and composer), Filippo Gambetta (composer and organetto player), Musicamorfosi, Silvano Piccardi (director and playwright), Gabriele Marangoni (accordionist and composer), Fabrizio Campanelli (composer and producer), Enrico Intra (pianist and composer), Nicola Segatta (cellist and composer), Carlot-ta (songwriter), Serhat Akbal (singer and saz player), Arianna Scommegna (actress), Marco Sgrosso (actor)                 

Festivals and places

Piccolo Teatro Strehler (Milan, Italy), Teatro Ariston (Sanremo, Italy), La Notte della Taranta (Melpignano, Italy), Cervantes Festival (Guanajuato, Mexico), Grande Teatro do Palácio das Artes (Belo Horizonte, Brazil), Teatro Paulo Autran (São Paulo, Brazil), His Majesty Theater (Perth, Australia), Usine C (Montreal, Canada), Theater de Vidy (Lausanne, Switzerland), Mossovet Theater (Moscow, Russia), Puskin Theater (Moscow, Russia), Music Hall Art Theater (St. Petersburg, Russia), Young Spectators' Theater (Ekaterinburg, Russia), Teatro Solis (Montevideo, Uruguay), Scène Nationale de Sud-Aquitain (Bayonne, France), L'Onde (Velizy, France), Olympia Théatre (Arcachon, France), Maison de la Culture (Nevers, France), Palazzo dei Congressi (Lugano, Switzerland), Lake Como Festival (Como, Italy), Studio Foce Theater (Lugano, Switzerland), Encuentro Bajo la Carpa ( Mérida, Mexico)

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